System Status DNS transition

posted Jun 16, 2016, 7:24 PM by Kevin Tower

The domain will be transitioning to a new DNS provider tonight, 6/16/2016.  This should be an uneventful action, but there is a chance that behaviour could be erratic for some services.  If this happens, please wait a few minutes and try again.

Tower Network website and email connectivity

posted May 31, 2016, 8:40 PM by Kevin Tower

The towernetwork.* domains were transitioned to a new hosting facility tonight and as such, some locations may have old information cached.  This should clear up over the next 24 hours.  If you wish to accelerate the process, clear your DNS cache and try again.

All Systems Nominal

posted May 30, 2016, 9:43 PM by Kevin Tower

All systems are operating normally at this time.

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